Install C-TECH BTD-01 Bluetooth adapter on Ubuntu 20.10 (Realtek 8761b)



You have and C-TECH BTD-01 Bluetooth adapter and you want to make it work in Ubuntu linux. Unfortunately the driver is missing in the current release, so you need to download and add it manually. Good for us, it’s pretty easy and straightforward. Let’s start.

Open the Bluetooth settings

Here, you can see the bluetooth is disabled.

and even when you try to turn it on, nothing happens.

Because of missing driver bluetooth can’t be enabled

The reason here is missing firmware for the adapter’s chipset, in this case for Realtek RTL8761b. You can see that by executing dmesg command.

Dmesg shows there’s missing driver file

Download the missing driver file from here:

Or alternatively here:

Now copy the driver to the right location and rename it:

Copying the downloaded driver to proper location

Now plug the bluetooth adapter to USB port again and it should find and load new driver. You can check this by executing the dmesg command again.

Now the driver is loaded

When you open the bluetooth settings again, you should see it’s enabled.

That’s all. Hope it helps.

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